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Thank you for visiting my blog for the A-Z Blogging challenge. Today is the 5th day of my Bible art series, starting with the E.


E is for Ehud


Found in Judges 3

Ehud was one of Israel’s judges. He was known particularly in scripture as a left handed man and killed Egnon, a corrupt King who was also noted as being fat.Obviously Egnon sounded like an anomaly, since he was described as being gluteneous and fat.


Using the Pro create app on my iPad, I used yellow as a background to signify papyrus¬†that may have been used as a drawing paper back in the day.¬† Overall, the only distinct feature is that I made him left handed with the long dagger he killed Egnon with. This was before the murder of Egnon, because that dagger sunk in his stomach including its handle so he couldn’t pull it out.

Thank you again for following my challenge. I look forward to presenting the letter F on April 7th!

For the Love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB