Hello everyone,

So far for phase 2 of my project, I have completed only 4 pieces. I working on number 5 and I should start and finish number 6 next week. I know I have approximately 2 weeks until I finish these pieces, but I plan to finish it by that date. This is also around the time, when I start looking for materials for Phase 3 of my project. I have to be honest that for the past few days I took a break from art because I was coming home later from my job than usual and just needed the rest. However, I look forward to resuming later today and hope to finish number 5 by tomorrow.

Last week, I had my open studio party and it was a success. The people that came enjoyed every minute of it. I definitely plan to release some pics of my work from the party, so you as the reader can enjoy it as well. I am thinking of using promotional items to also show my work, so if you are interested in purchasing an item, I will let you know in a further post.

Other than that, may God bless you and stay blessed. This is the day that the Lord has made that I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Thank you.