Hi people!

Today is the 12th day of my AZ Bible art challenge.

L is for Laban.               image

Found in Genesis 29: 5-28; Genesis 30

Laban was a relative of Isaac, specifically his Uncle, who was Abraham’s nephew.  However, in these days, it was okay to marry your cousin and that is how Jacob found his wives, Leah and Rachel. Laban was a rich man, who had lots of livestock and in order to have Rachel, the one Jacob fell in love with, he had to work seven years for Laban in order to have Rachel as his wife. Seven years passed and according to Laban it was custom for the oldest daughters to be married first. Thus Leah became his wife first. Jacob was furious that he was tricked and Laban kind of said it matter of factly, sorry but now you have to work another seven years for Rachel as his wife. Long story short, Laban got tricked in the end because he tricked Jacob.


There are quite a few names that start with L but not many signifying having a relationship or respect to the true God.

For the love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JB