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P is for Paul. image

Found in Acts, Romans and quite a few others

Paul is probably one of most prolific figures in the BIble other than  Jesus at this time and it continues today. He is known as an excellent communicator, speaking at least three different languages fluently. He known to have written 67% of the New Testament through his epistles or letters. He is also one of the most disputed. There are quite a few things to discuss about Paul, but that would be a whole other blog.


Yes, it is noted in Acts 21:37-39 that Paul was mistaken as a Egyptian when interacting with the Romans. So his skin is a lot darker than what the general public would think. I know I should have aged him a bit, but that takes more work to execute. I made him bald as throughout his missions, he was known to cut off his hair to signify either the beginning or completion of vows. Paul made a lot of vows as far as I know so probably was bald that whole time.

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