Hello beautiful people!

It has been a while, but so far, I’ve had a fine and dandy summer. Last month was pretty busy as I was finishing the last painting variety show of the year, went on vacation to Niagara Falls and ending it with painting poetry session at 529 Arts avenue.

In today’s post, I want to talk about the importance of taking a break in entrepreneurship. What I mean is this, in entrepreneurship there are many hills and valleys , however it’s okay to take a pause and assess whether the actions you are taking will be good for the business. I will address these in three different ways: Stop it; Slow down or Leave it to another person.


There are times when you wonder if the products or services placed out there are not just good for the consumer, but are they good for you? I have had to stop doing certain things, although it may have helped with marketing, they did not bring me any dividends or some sort of ROI. Case in point, Facebook is an extraordinary marketing tool, and if you only have “100” friends, it can only go so far. Facebook is a market that is saturated of billions of people, yes billions. However, for me to continue to send information regarding my artwork and there are thousands of artists on Facebook as well, I got too much competition. Art unfortunately does not market a direct need for consumers, so it gets harder to differentiate yourself on how it can be a need for them.

Listen, if people are not listening or rather responding to your campaigns or posts in certain amount of time such as a year, I’ll certainly stop reaching out and call it a day. Since then, I’ve deleted my Facebook account and utilized a social media form much more suitable for artists; Instagram. Instragram is very user friendly and artist compliant :). All I need to do is upload a few pictures, some hashtags and then post it. It’s all done. Simple.

The key is to simplify the process, if something is less complicated and it gives you the same result, why not use it?


Being in the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, time certainly may not be enough, which is why we are as entrepreneurs are so fast in getting things done. However, sometimes when we do things fast, we got lost in the details and as a result, it becomes a routine. Case in point, I’ve made my live painting event in July, the last one of the year, because the retention was poor. People tend to stop going to an event, if they know it occurs more than once a year. Thus, it made sense to step back and reassess. Plus, I was getting bored of doing the same thing, over and over again and I do not want to reflect that affect in those shows. People are sensitive to that and it is important that the product that you portray reflects who you are.


Yes, entrepreneurship may feel like you are the only one directing this boat, but no man is an island. There are so many people involved in making this machine work, it is impossible to do it all yourself, you will get burnt out!¬† Likewise, when it comes to marketing my product such as the live painting variety shows, I’ve hired another person to do the fliers for the event (You’ve noticed the different look this year, haven’t you? That certainly was not me) You can see the difference between the two, the first one being created by myself and the by a marketing professional.

2017 Live painting variety show in July,.

July 2018. Live painting variety show flier.


Overall, taking a break does not mean, quitting. It means to stop and assess if you are taking the right road or if you want to change directions. Simple as that. In this complicated life, I want to live simple. All that I give to Jesus and the stuff I get to handle, I got to keep it simple. Life is complicated enough, no way why it needs to be more difficult.

Take care and look forward to next time!

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB