Hi people!

Thank you again for visiting my blog. Today’s Bible art challenge begins with the letter C.

C is for Caleb


Numbers 13

Caleb is one of my favorite men in the Bible. He and Joshua along with ten other men went to spy on a land that God allotted for Israel. Out of the 12 men, only Caleb and Joshua gave a good report . Unfortunately, the  other men won this round due to their lack of trust in God and as a result the people had fear and could not move forward. Yet, God did not forget about Caleb, since his faith was in God. As a result, due to his faith, he and Joshua were able to enter the promise land.


I enjoy reading the book of Numbers and this part of the book always sticks out like snow in July. God does not discriminate and it is impossible to please Him without faith Hebrews 11:6.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB