Hi people!

Today’s the 22nd day of the AZ challenge which is the letter V.

V is for Vashti image

Found in Esther 1

Vashti was the Queen before Esther, if it wasn’t for her resistance of being shown off as a prop piece when the King had his enormous feast, she would have remained Queen. In today’s times she would be a feminist. I can understand where Vashti was feeling and if something like that were to happen today, it would not be in the newspaper because it is so commonplace. However, she was also in a prestigious position and being the leader she is, would have not set a good example for the women in the kingdom during those times. Because of her disobedience, she was replaced by Esther. Nothing was spoken of her after that.


Today of all days, my stylus was acting up so had to do this portrait by hand. Until it gets fixed, that would be the case for the rest of this challenge. I hope you enjoyed this and show your support by putting in a comment below!

For the love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB