Hello people,

I hope everyone here had a great holiday weekend and safe one as well. The fourth of July is supposed to be a day of celebration, of this nation’s independence. However, not everyone agrees with this, I being one of them. This nation is a fore runner of the democracy and people having rights. Yet in July of 1776, blacks were still seen as property and the indigenous people of the land or other wise known as Indians or Native Americans, did not have nothing to celebrate since their land was stolen from them. However, despite all of this, the forefathers of this country still recognized and respected God despite their evil sins. Putting God’s name in the constitution came a long way, because the people who were born here and also living in this country from all across the world, are reaping its benefits.

On my way home from work, a woman I met on the train, who is an artist as well, recommended that I go to an exhibit that definitely talks about a huge part of this country’s ugly history. I decided to go¬† on Saturday, July 5th, 2014, I went inside the old Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which held contemporary artist Kara Walker’s latest work called “Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar baby”. The wait in line was over an hour long, but it was worth every minute and the admission was free. This exhibit was composed of five to six small sculptures of young boys made with molasses holding baskets. This eventually to the huge Mammy sphinx made with granulated white sugar. The sphinx was naked in all aspects and depicts the exploitation of black women in slavery. The sugar represents so many things, from the exploitation of slaves in sugar cane factories to sugarcoating the truth. Below are some pictures to capture this moment.

Kara Walker poster.entrancefactoryentrance2




Other than signing releases in order to visit the old domino sugar factory, since it is an old building and asbestos is vampant, as a visitor we could not let them know of any ailment caused by the visit. In other words, you cannot sue. :). Otherwise, it was a wonderful experience and a historic moment since the domino sugar factory will no longer be in existence in a couple of months. I hear it may be used for to build new affordable housing units.

Other than that, I hope you all have a great day and let God take care of you no matter what you face. For if God is for me, who can be against me (Romans 8:31).


In service of the King,

Thru His vessel JB