Hi people!   Today is the 9th day of my A-Z Bible  art challenge!

I is for Issac


The story of Issac begins in Genesis 22

Issac as many may know, is the second born son of Abraham and Sarah, the child that God promised Abraham that He will give to him in his old age. Abraham and Sarah were delighted to have children, especially Sarah, who was a beautiful woman also barren. In this chapter, Abraham is told to sacrifice his son Issac. In the end , Issac was not sacrificed but strengthen the bond between God and Abraham. Issac saw this as well and respected the God of his father.

When it came to start looking for a wife, Issac had his father servant search for a wife for him and it ended it beautifully.


There were quite a few names that I could have picked that started with the letter I, but Issac always resonated me based on Abraham’s faith in God and he knew deep in his heart, if God promised something, it will surely comes to pass.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much I enjoyed making this drawing on my iPad. Tomorrow I will present you with the letter J.

For the love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB