Hello people,

How is everyone? I hope all is well. I am certainly excited to state that although my deadline of Phase 2 is near, December 31st, and I am not even halfway through this project, I would have to start all over again with better materials. What you say that I am so happy about? I am happy because I will be using the right materials , in meaning that it would be a fun experience. It may be a challenge to use, but I know for sure that this is from God.

It all happened last night, I was still trying to collect some materials needed for the the foundation of phase 2, and was frustrated with the process, because I still feel that I was not doing my best, although I put all of this time on it. Phase 2 started in October and I am not even halfway through because of the time, placing small beads and gluing them together to make a picture. For example, I worked on a piece that was approximately 4 by 4 and that alone took me 2 weeks to complete due to the crushing, banging and then sketching to make a picture then gluing it together.

I hate the result. I completed it technically, but it is still not done because I have not sealed it with my signature.

Then I thought I could use softer materials, such as newspaper and other mediums to create collages. But that took hours to do and still did not please my heart. When I am not satisfied with my work, I always try to work with it or just do it all over. At this point, it felt like I was forced to do it, even though it was my idea. I don’t mind spending hours in the process, but if I am not happy with the end result, I just wasted time and have to start all over.

Now, last night after work, I decided to go to the art store just to browse and get some ideas. Holy Spirit was with me of course, because greater He is in me than he is in the world and showed me something that I know that I would have never thought of. Thank you Holy Spirit!

Now I have the time, because this would be easier. I look forward to showing the end result.

In jesus name thru his vessel.