Hello people,

    This is only my second post, but I feel I need to make many more. I am currently working on a project and the deadline is soon approaching (Dec 31, 2012) . That may seem like a long time, but this year is almost over and Phase 2 must be complete by then. I was working with if you haven’t guessed from my 1st post, hair accessories and it is frustrating.

First I go on ebay to buy a cheap set, ( about a pack for a $1-$2) since I will be using them for art. I bought a whole bunch about four weeks ago and they are all being mailed from China. One of them finally came in the mail yesterday (October 17) and I was shocked on how small the package was, I was expecting a box not a wallet size purse.  So, I knew from then that I will not be unfortunately working with those materials since it will take me at least a year to finish that phase and you know that’s not happening.

  So, I am definitely deciding on materials that I will be using for this phase that has a 3 dimensional quality to it and that it will take less time. I don’t want to be frustrated really, because I enjoy making art and who wants to be frustrated for the glory of God. It just seems that it was not worth it.

   So,  I know I have to be creative and the materials that I am using will give God the glory.

In the next couple of weeks, or by November 15th , I will start posting photos of my work so you can get an idea of what I do. You can email me at something.beautiful.inside@gmail.com if you want to contact me.


Thanks for reading for the glory of God!