Hello people,

I know it has been a while since I have written a post, but so much has been going on since I finished my 40 day rest. I just moved from one apartment to another, went on vacation and now I am going on vacation again as well as resumed going to the gym. I have actually started my new project, which phase 1 was complete before my bday and will start Phase 2 shortly after I come back from vacation.

I am still showing the 12 pieces of work that I have primarily showcased back in December 2012. I am trying to set up the kinks, but as you can see I am very protective of my art, especially if it is going to give God the glory. Until then, bless up yourself and I will let you know once I start phase 2. I’m about to go to California for a beautiful time to renew myself and spend some time with my church family!

One love in Christ,