Hello people,

I hope everyone have had a great weekend. I have had a good weekend as well, but the week preceding that was interesting. As you all know, I have made the announcement regarding my t-shirts, which I am currently promoting it as a fundraiser through kickstarter. I believe that I have the money needed for plentiful inventory and also implemented ways to get people to notice. The crowdfunding through social media was one of them. I picked one of the companies to help with my project who stated that she was a college student and successfully helped many people raise funds for their projects. As I purchased the option to do a 2 week promo the night before, there was an option of six main keywords and a video. My kickstarter project already came with a video, but this was not clarified. When I inquired recently of the progress, perhaps two days after, I did not get a response and I was beginning to wonder if this organization was some sort of scam, since my inquiry earlier. The following is a series of the responses I had with this company, when I first sent this email:


   Someone did not answer my email. No one asked me about the six words or make a video with this ad. This is a ripoff, I want my money back please. Thank you.
Thru His vessel JB 

The next few hours…

Its ironic that the person who “Walks with God” immediately claims we are ripping her off before asking questions. Everyone else ask questions before attacking.

Despite the fact that we have already paid for your Facebook ad spot and can’t get the money back, and despite the fact that your ad has started to generate interest –  we will issue you a refund because we don’t like being called thieves by people who don’t understand how social media works.

In turn my response was…
    I did ask questions, but no one answered and as a result, I thought it was a scam. I understand how social media works, but on the invoice, I wanted to know the option of the six keywords and a video option. I was trying to understand that, but no one answered and appeared to ran off with it.
    In addition, if you wanted further patronage with a customer, you don’t disrespect them and insult their intelligence even if you disagree. I apologize if I may have came off the wrong way, but that does not give you the right to do that, when I am paying you to run the ad.
    If you have communicated clearly about it and tell me how the ad is generating interest, I would have left it alone and not ask for a refund. What you were doing is totally unprofessional and shows me not to use you again in the future.
Thank you for your understanding

Their response was….

We don’t take defamation on the internet likely. We would not want to work with you in the future.

best of luck to you,

Additional response

Your ad is now inactive. Your initial and final report is attached. Your refund will be processed when your initial run date, which we paid for on Facebook, has terminated. At that point you will be issued a full refund.

Thank you,

My response in totality…

Hi ,
   I heard of bad days, but not to this extreme. All because of a misunderstanding and miscommunication? Sorry about that. But you took it more personally than business and I’ll just leave it like that. Thank you for the refund, but the way it was handled, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I apologize for my actions again, but you took more offense than I realized, taking it personal. It’s like you threw the money in my face and stormed off because I said it was a ripoff without hearing me out. I’m really surprised and it shows me the character of this company, which is not business like based on this transaction. I wish you continued success, but regardless treat your customers with respect no matter what they say and hear them out before you shut out the issue, even if does seem like an attack. Unfortunately, that was not the case with us. Thanks for the lesson, this is something as a business that we have to take in as well.
Thru His vessel JB
    Overall it was a fight, I was not ready for and through this experience, the Holy Spirit told me that even as a faceless business entity, people who are not believers are always watching you. Other than the company being unprofessional and using my own words in the ad against me, it shows that even as a business or a customer, once you mention God, everyone is going to look at you to see if you mess up, to see something out of character or not God like. Because you may be the only walking Bible that they will ever know. I thank God for this opportunity and I hope you as the readers will see this as a lesson as well. I’m planning to do so more art, the Lord has been putting it in my heart again to do so. I give Him the glory in everything that I do.
For the love of God and Art!
Thru His vessel JB