Hello people

Yes I am done with my 3rd project/series which brings me to my art break. A well deserved break I may add. In the middle of writing this , I’m already executing in my mind my 4th project and I get more excited with each coming project. God is giving me so much wonderful ideas, but He has given me the sense to utilize the breaks to promote what He created through me. I plan to add more sections to this blog, including more previews of my artwork. At least the ones I have completed and have already shown through my art show.

Yes, which is something I should be working on in the upcoming months. Not during my breaks.

As a visual artist, I enjoy creating art especially since I am glorifying God in the process.  But I also enjoy my breaks so I can fully appreciate my talent when that time comes again.

Don’t feel bad if you are exhausted and have not done any work. Your body can only do so much. Rest. Your body will thank you. Just like my body is already doing .

thank you. I plan to be out of town and be on vacation, change of scenery.

Thank you again for reading this blog.


signature pose

Thru His vessel JB