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Happy Monday to everyone! I can’t believe nearly half of this month is over! It just started a week ago and now there are two weeks left until the year is over! Whew! So many things to do in such little time.

In today’s post, I would like to feature a particular artist, who have encouraged me to continue working on my art and bring out its beauty, not so much the message behind its beauty. The topic of how art influences the community would be in

The presence of God:

Flourish Denise Hayes

Flourish by Denise Hayes. Click image for more info.

I came across this painting, a few months ago as I was looking for a book entitled “Hearing God’s Voice made Simple” by Praying Medic and came across his blog post as I purchased the book. The blog was about how God speaks through art and this painting was featured in that post. Even before reading the post in its entirety, just viewing this work of art really pulled me to its beauty.

In the post, the artist had this painting in a gallery and a visitor came and was pulled by its beauty. The visitor had an agnostic belief in God, however this painting captured her, sensing that God was behind this work of art. As you can see, there are no explicit crosses, doves, clouds or angelic creatures hovering over the flower, just simple beauty.

Nothing against those things, but you also have to understand too that God did not just create doves, clouds and angelic creatures. There is so much beauty in this world to be discovered . How they can be captured by a few things to show the presence of a limitless and sovereign God.

The presence of God is everywhere, especially in the art world. How does this piece influences you and what comes to mind when you see it? I see limitless possibilities of living my life in this world as His vessel.

Abstract Art Tree Of Life

Tree of Life. Courtesy of Jaison Cianelli


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For the love of God and art!

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