Hello people!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas, and was able to spend time with family and God. I definitely was able to and looking forward finishing off this last week of 2016 strong. Today presents the last post of How art influences the community series; Coping with challenges.

  Life is hard, but it can be easy on the eyes

Yes, life can be hard, yes, everyone living in this planet knows that. Yet, life can be beautiful. I mean just look at the sunrise, if you are a morning person or not. I mean do you sometimes wonder how every day looks different, even as it changes throughout the day! That’s simply amazing, I mean look at the colours, the lighting . Like last week’s post, art impacts mood and develops your imagination. What do you see in the photograph below?

This is not a painting. It’s not a sunrise. But the sun setting near the Gateway Mall in Brooklyn New York.

It can be a lot of things.  But what is it about this photograph that reminds you of any positive elements, positive experiences. I can say for me, since I go to this area quite a bit, it reminds me of the trips going to the Michael arts and crafts store, buying items to build a work of art. When I build art, it is a therapeutic for me, not just derived from inspiration but really helps me cope with challenges in my life. Many of these challenges or rather circumstances may pull me to a place of non entity, a place of nasty stillness, basically depressed. Through art,  I have been able to convert those seemingly negative energies and put it in a space to help not just myself, but other people. Any form of art should teach and encourage those who are in the same situations as the artist or very similar.


In my senior year of high school in my English class, I made a skit, rather a puppet show of me being an art therapist. I stated that I want to help people through art. In the early 2000s, art therapy was barely getting any ground and there was no master’s education program about art therapy. Now it is all over the place and a good reason why that is the case is because people are now seeing how art truly helps people copes with challenges. People feel good in all forms of art, whether it is music or performing arts. Painting a picture with no agenda in mind feels damn good. It is really being able to express yourself and releasing your subconscious on paper, you are painting your thoughts. Seeing your thoughts on paper can change things and really makes you examine who you are. It helps with coping.

If you don’t feel like making a painting, you can at least look at this one.

May God bless you.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB