Courtesy of Cassondra Lenoir 2016.

Hello people!

I hope everyone had a great week and will start off your Monday right! I have had quite an interesting week, other than being a participant of Cassondra Lenoir’s Holiday Bazaar, I’ve been dealing a lot of things personally, but I know God has me and my family concerning this matter in Jesus name.

In this above photo, as you can see, all the of the people there made the holiday bazaar a success. The singers, rappers and poets, visual artist (wink, wink) all came together for a good cause and that is to raise funds towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund. Everyone added their piece of thread to add to the tapestry of a tight knit community, thus influencing its viewers for a pivotal positive impact. The power of art can bring people out of a depression, belief in God and helping them to cope through a difficult time.

It is known through history that the arts, particularly the visual arts, have been able to calm anxious emotions as well as tickle the imagination of what was or will be. In an article by Tamar Gottesman, she explains how 11 paintings changed the world through viewing and enjoying its beauty. One of these days, I would like to visit the Sistene Chapel and really look at the work of Michaelangelo, who have created such beautiful work. However, these 11 paintings are not the only works of art that have changed the world, but they are relatively renown and even children as young as five years of age would recognize these images in today’s pop culture.

For the next three weeks, until the end of December, this series will focus on how art influence the community in  these three areas:

  • Psychological
  • The presence of God
  • Coping with challenges

I know art has the power to change lives, especially it’s the artist’s motive to help people.  I know if it was not from the encouragement of my family and elementary school teachers, being an artist would not be so ingrained. My fourth grade art teacher, Mr. Steven Hanes, inspired me to work on my art and although I took the long path, I do not regret it. Thank you Mr. Hanes for instilling in me and rather encouraging me, because art helps to build community.

For more information about the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship foundation and how you can help, please visit Every book purchase, goes into her scholarship fund and you help bring a first generation student to college. You can make this happen, I already did!

Thank you for reading!

For the love of God and Art!

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Thru His vessel JB