Men in authority : Higher than him, Light source (1)(2012)

Hello people!

Welcome  to the 10th day of my art story,  from the Men in authority series. In today’s post , I will talk about Light  Source, part 1, completed with acrylic paints and finished in 2012. This artwork and other featured artwork  posted on this blog; a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir scholarship foundation.  Established in 2016, This foundation gave close to five scholarships in $250 and $500 amounts for first-generation college students. When you are  interested in purchasing a piece of work to go towards his organization please do so by clicking here thank you so much!

Policeman in art

Light source (1) (2012). 18″ by 24″

This piece has been very interesting to make.  When you do several pieces within the same theme, just done in different ways, sometimes it can seem to blur all together.  Yet, the  inspiration for this piece comes from God, Who gave me many ways for show His light source, like a fire or something  igniting you to do something.  It was the purpose of this piece to show his hand is laid over his heart and that’s where his source is coming from.

As as artist, my source comes from God to do the things that I do and to make more conscious effort work. I want people to take in its beauty of my work as well make people think. In whatever you do, your source must be identified or else other strange entities would invade your space, your thoughts.

The saga continues Monday with the 2nd phase of Light Source and what better day to do it on. Martin Luther King day. I hope you all identify your source and figure out the reasons you do things. Enjoy your weekend and we will talk again soon!

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB