Men in Authority: Higher than him, Light Source (2)(2012)

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Well it’s Monday and you know that means, it is our Art story of the day number 11. Today,  I would be talking about Light Source part two,  burnt etchings on wood. As you know all pieces posted on this blog are for sale. Once you purchase an original piece,  a part of its sales will be towards the Cassondra Lenoir scholarship foundation for first generation college students.  If you like more information about this foundation, please click here. Thank you for buying art that makes a difference!

Light Source 2 (2012).

As everyone in the United States is aware of, today marks Martin Luther King’s birthday or his birthday observed. I’m bringing up Dr. Martin Luther King because he has made an impact for his generation and he is still remembered today. In regards to his impact, he had a focused laser vision he also had a tenacity to deal with  lots of challenges that faced him while he was on earth.

As artists, like Dr. King, we are passionate about our art and what it represents. It is important that we convey that very clearly with Martin Luther King he showed a reason for his cause through demonstrations and injustices in this country.

In this piece, Light Source(2), it is a drawing of a man in uniform’s chest with his hands opening up his “source” or where the heart is located. The police and many sects of the military serve valiantly; basically putting out their heart in whatever challenges they faced. Like Dr. King, although he was not in on front lines in a foreign country, he lead and served the Civil Rights movement with fervor and heart.

Thus, my heart goes to the families of the Civil rights movement and those who have served fervently in a time of crisis. Thank you!
For the love of God and art


Thru His vessel JB