Men in Authority:Higher than him, Night and Day (1) (2012)

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Happy Monday to you! Today is the 16th art story of the day. In this post, the following artwork stems from the Men in authority’s series entitled “Light over dark” 1 (2012). If you are following this art story series, every post of artwork is up for sale. A portion of sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund, which helps benefits first generation college students. Invest in this rare work of art and you invest in our future. For more details, click here for more information.


Police officer shows where he gets his authority

Light over dark 1 (2012). 16″ by 12″. Acrylic on canvas.

You are looking at one of the most recognized pieces from the Men in Authority series. I’ve used this image in many places and based on that it is very popular. This I believe is roughly the 7th or 8th piece completed in the 1st phase. I also focused on four colors, which gives it a complimentary contrast.

This is also one of my smallest pieces, it is 12 x 16 . Many of the acrylic pieces in this series have a varied range, but this goes towards the smaller end of the spectrum.  I enjoyed making this piece because I wanted to create a tranquil sort of look.  The background  light is cascading down on the officer as he raises his hands towards the heavens.  The light also has its presence throughout the work.

So this rare work of art is up for sale . A  portion of the sales will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir  Scholarship  foundation. I am looking forward to hearing  from you. You invest in in a great piece of art and you also invest a piece of someone’s future . Congratulations on your purchase and I’ll see you  next post.

For the love of God and art

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