Men in Authority:Higher than him, Respect 1 (2012)

Hello people !

Welcome to our 19th,  yes I did say 19th art story of the day, stemming from the men in authority series. This following piece today canvas and every artwork posted on this blog is up for sale. A portion of its sales will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir  scholarship fund for first-generation college students. For more information about this please click on this link

From making the above entitled “Respect”  at this time it’s been a while since I’ve done figurative pieces and I was starting to utilize whatever learned in art school regarding blending.  Blending is so important because you realize as an artist when you blend you actually creating several colors into one color. The color are less flat and are more defined.

This piece is dedicated to all the veterans out there ,much love baby and respect to you. Out there in the forefront and take care of this country. When you return, you guys got to get the respect that you deserve so I just want to give big ups to all the veterans and everyone and anyone deployed overseas.

Thank you again.

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB