Men in authority:Higher than him, Respect (2) (2012)

Hello people !

Welcome to the 20th art the story of the day. Yes this is the 20th piece shown on this blog, all in supporting our future. In today’s piece will feature the second version of Respect, burnt  etchings on wood panel .As you know every piece post on this blog a portion of the sales will go towards its Cassondra Lenoir scholarship foundation for first-generation college students.  Interested  in learning more how purchasing this art makes a difference in a student’s life or  more about the organization? You can click here to find out more.

This is the second version of ” Respect” burnt etchings on wood panel. I really enjoyed doing this piece because I was able to create more details.As you can see the man sleeves is ruffled with a little bit of wrinkles as he gives his praise to the most high God. There is emotion etched across his face and you could see that he has some reverence to an authority larger than himself.

Interested in buying this piece, also means investing in a person’s future for college. Don’t wait too long because it’s here and is gone! There are no prints or replicas so get it before it is too late! You will be glad you did.

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB