Men in Authority: Higher than him, Praising in Peace (2) (2012)

Hello people!

Welcome to the 23rd art story of the day. We are near the ending point with the Men in authority series, with the piece entitled “Praising in Peace 2”. As you know, all pieces posted on this blog art story of the day is for sale. A portion of all sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation, which helps first generation students with financial assistance go into college. If you know of any young person in their senior year of high school and is interested in going to college, please check the scholarship’s website. If you do not know anyone in that age range, you can still make a difference by investing in one of the featured pieces on this blog and with that purchase, contribute a portion of the funds to make the scholarship possible. For more information, click on this link, art making scholars.

As for today’s work, above is Praising in Peace 2, 2012, burnt etchings on wood.

Praising in Peace 2, was one of the pieces closest to my imposed deadline on December 31, 2012. I recall doing about 4 burnt etchings on the same day, that was a Saturday of course so I could make the deadline. I thought this piece captured the moment well, the soldier knelt down and took off his helmet to praise God. Really, to think about that, that’s like putting yourself in harms way. In hindsight, I know it was to put out the point, that the body of Christ should praise Him in the midst of the storm.

The real story

I was going through a stormy time during that period. Hurricane Sandy came and ravaged much of the Brooklyn coast. I was able to travel to work once the trains were restored in early November. In mid December 2012, I had an issue with my landlord and was planning to move into another apartment very soon. That month as well, I had my very first showing of my artwork, which I affectionally call the “Selected 12″‘ which was held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 in my then apartment’s living room.

The people who came enjoyed it and many were blessed including one bought the original ” A real beauty” . I was so pleased because it was my first time showing my art to the world and I was afraid of what people would think of it, which turned out good. From then, I knew I will be hosting more art shows more often from that point on.


Post will be the second to last post, I will feature the Men in authority series. Since we are now in February, but it is the middle of the week, I will feature the last version of Praising in Peace and then a culmination of another set the next day. Monday the 6th of February, I will feature the next series “For a Single Purpose”. It shall be fun.

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB