Men in Authority: Higher than him, Praising in Peace (3) (2013)

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Welcome to the 24th art story of the day. In this post, I’m pretty much summing up the Men in authority series, for today and tomorrow. As you know all the pieces featured in art story of the day is up for sale. A portion of the sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation for first generation minority college students. If you know someone who is eligible for this scholarship, please check out the Cassondra Lenoir website for details. However, it does not end there; you can still make a difference by investing any of the artwork featured and help a student start college without much financial complications. Click here for more info.

Eco friendly art

Praising in Peace 3 (2013). Felt strips stitched on cloth

So yes, we are on the last version of the entitled “Praising in Peace” . I believe this piece was one of the pieces completed close to the deadline, only based there is not as much detail in the work. But when I sign a work, it is done and there is no going back to it. I’m certainly not a perfectionist, but I do the best I can with the amount of time I have, because time is my greatest asset.

The real story

During this time, I was working on finding an apartment and since moving was in the near future. I already saw an apartment near Atlantic Ave, a railroad apartment for $850 on craiglist. It was not bad and was in an ideal location, but I kept looking elsewhere.I eventually found an apartment, but that was three months later.

Overall, it was great working on the end of the series and getting it ready to show it eventually to a bigger audience. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last hurrah of the Men in Authority series, all three versions will be shown totalling 27 series thus far in the art story series. Interested in buying this piece today, you can go over to Art making scholars for more details.

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