Men in Authority: Higher than  him,  Spirit led hand 1,2,3

Hello people!

I hope all is well with you. No that is not a typo. Today marks the last art story for the Men in Authority series. All 3 versions of Spirit led hand are on this post today. As you know at this point, all of the art featured as an art story on this blog are up for sale. A portion of the sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation. This foundation is founded by the author of “From Nothing to New York” , which creates a platform for first generation minority students to attend college through $250 and $500 scholarships. These may not sound like a lot, but a little goes a long way. I encourage you to check out the scholarship website here for anyone who is eligible. However, if you are unable to do that, you can still make a difference with investing of any of the art stories mentioned on this blog. When you buy, you invest not just in a rare work of art, but a student’s future. Check out Art making scholars for further details.

Here are the three and last pieces featured for the Men in Authority series.


Spirit led hand 1 . 2012. Acrylic on canvas.

drawings on wood

Spirit led hand 2. 2012. Burnt etchings on wood panel.

Spirit led hand 3. 2013. Felt strips on cloth.

The end of the series

Yes, this may be the last post that I have of the Men in Authority series, which was 27 posts of the actual work of 33. I’ve completed 33 works in total and I have shown all pieces in my 2013 show for Mother’s day and my own curated solo art show in May 2014. The main purpose of the series was to show that no matter who is in authority, just realize there is a Higher Authority than the one who is in the Oval office, Police precinct or the military. I find it pleasing that this series came at such as a time as this.

We the people of this world, rather in the United States of America have seen many changes including a transition in power over the past 2 weeks. For the people who believe in Christ, we just got to trust God and know no matter who is in authority, just remember he or she got a boss. For me, I just do the art and focus on Him, then everything else works out.

What next in plan

After the Men in Authority series, you will see another set of 27 out of 33 shown on this blog featured. All featured art stories are for sale and a portion of sales will be towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation. I look forward to hearing from you and I congratulate you on not just investing on a rare work of art, but making a difference in a student’s life. Thank you and I will see you soon.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB