For a Single Purpose: Ruth I (2013)

Hello people!

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful weekend as we start a new series of work today called For a Single Purpose. For a Single Purpose is also a multi media work of 33 pieces. However, it is more specific since we would be focusing on several biblical characters who were single when they had a profound impact of God. As usual, today’s art story of the day is for sale and a significant portion of the sale will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation. This Scholarship Foundation is for minority first generation college students and investing in this work of art will give the opportunity to contribute. For more information about the scholarship and if you know of someone who is eligible, please check out . If you do not know anyone, you can still make a difference by clicking this link here.


        Why are people of single status used in your art and how do you know that they were all single?

Okay, first I don’t need your attitude. If you want the answer to your question you got to be nice. “Psych”. No, that is a good question and it definitely deserves an answer. I used single people in my art for this series mainly because I was classified as a single at that time. According to,  a person who is single basically means they are not married. That can go a variety of ways; such as single with children, single as a widow, single because you are a child and unmarried singles. Through my research, I found 11 people in the Bible that appears to have no attachments when it comes to being single. It always depended on timing because of the 11 people I researched, a good half of them became married but that was after God used them to glorify His purpose in them. I simply knew they were single, because the Bible recorded them as not being married at that time of their lives.

Ruth, a woman of God

Ruth is one of my favorites. Well actually all of the characters portrayed in this series was my favorite, but the thing about Ruth, she was a bold sister, When you read the story of Ruth and I believe you should, Ruth recently lost her husband, who was the son of her mother in law, Naomi, an Israelite. Naomi told him to return back to her land so she can find herself another husband, but Naomi in plain words said no. Despite going through this difficult time in grieving the death of her husband, she decided to follow the God of Israel and never looked back.

In this oil pastel and colored pencil work, I focused on Ruth wearing a widow garment, which was black and dreary at that time since she was grieving and that outfit identified her as a widow. However, as portrayed in the book of Ruth; Ruth was adamant in finding another place of solace and had to leave what she knew behind. Thus, her taking off her hood in this work signifies that change.

This work was completed in June of 2013, and I certainly enjoyed completing the work. Tomorrow, we will go into part 2 of Ruth, as she works in Boaz’s field. Ruth I, is available for sale and you are investing in not just a rare work of art, but a life. I look forward to talking to you soon and I congratulate you in advance.


For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB