For a Single Purpose: Anna I (2013)

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I hope all is well with you. In today’s 29th art story of the day, we are still in the fledgling stage of the For a Single Purpose series with Anna I (2013). As you know, all pieces posted on this blog, is for sale, A significant portion of the sales proceeds goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund. The cassondra Schoarship Fund is a scholarship for first generation minority college students. If you know someone who is eligible, you can refer them to the Cassondra Lenoir website for details here. Now, if you are still stuck and want to make a difference, you can by purchasing this work of art today, By doing that, you are not just investing in a rare work of art, you are investing in the future. Check out here for further details on how to do so.


Anna the prophetess

Anna I (2013) 19″ by 25″ . Oil pastels and colored pencils on paper. Thru His vessel JB


      Who is Anna?

Well, what you want me to make this as? A bible study lesson. Nah, I’m kidding. Although Anna is mentioned once in the 2nd chapter of Luke in the New testament, she did some big thing. She told people that a King was coming to save Israel and His name is Jesus. Although that’s a small part, that’s a pretty big revelation. And what sets Anna apart from any other woman then, she was a widow and have been praying and fasting in that temple for years. It is understood that she was 84 years of age when she received this revelation. That is enough to tell you enough, no matter how old you are, God does not think you are not good enough or old enough to use you for His purpose.

What materials did you use to make this work of art?

I’ve used colored pencils and oil pastels, both were mediums that I used little before, but not professionally. Since they are normally seen as traditional mediums used in art, that is why I placed it in the first phase of the project, to portray the essence of the first part of the Godhead, God the Father. This piece and 32 other pieces created the total of the series, making it 33. I’ve enjoyed making it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as part of your collection.

You can make it a part of your collection today. But don’t wait, because once this original is gone. That’s it. Just check out this link, so you can scope out the other featured art of this series so far. You have a good day. Be blessed!


For the love of God and art

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Thru His vessel JB