For a Single Purpose: Anna III (2013).

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I hope you had a good weekend. Today is the 31st art story of the day. I can’t believe it  there have been over 30 pieces featured on this blog. There is a reason for that. As you know, all artwork featured is up for sale, a portion of it goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund. This Scholarship Fund is for first generation minority students entering college.  If you are eligible or if you know someone who is in their last year of high school, apply for this scholarship here. I wish you the best! However, if you don’t know anybody, you can still make a difference; invest in a work of art, you are also investing in a life. Click here for details.

Anna, women in the bible

Anna III. 2013. 28″ BY 36″. Collage on plyboard. Thru His vessel JB. For a Single Purpose series.


         The last hurrah of Anna!

No, that has nothing to do with her age. It simply means that this is last phase of Anna in the For a Single Purpose series. This phase of the series, which are 11 pieces created with strips of over 100 magazines in order to compose one image was definitely time consuming, but I enjoyed it because I wanted to see the end result. I guess at this point, I was developing my style of work but I did not know it then, because these pieces took a while to complete. I know I put in at least 16-20 hours of labor into one, a couple of them straight (On Saturdays and when I had a couple of holidays off from work).  This piece though, actually really all of the pieces in this series, I wanted to portray the emotion of Anna, when she realized the vision that she has seen in prayers and fasting has come to pass. The Lord and Savior Jesus was born. I can only imagine how she felt, just pure extreme joy and an overwhelming sense of peace.

I know I had a sense of peace too, when I finished this piece. I was proud and I hope that this piece will be wonderful feature on your wall. Although you can get the print, there is nothing like the original piece that I created mounted over your wall. Just want you to be inspired. You can get it today, remember you are not just investing in a work of art, you are investing in the future. Love you and stay blessed!

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB