For a Single Purpose: David II (2013)

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I hope all is well with you. Today we still going to talk about sexy David, yes He is sexy because he is a man after God’s heart and God created sex, so yes he is sexy. David II, is the second phase stemming from the For a Single Purpose series executed in watercolour,; it is for sale. All works of art posted on this blog as the featured art story of the day are for sale and a portion of the sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation. The Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation helps first generation minority students head into college. If you are eligible, you can start here. If you are not eligible, you can still make a difference in a life by investing in an original work of art today, through Art Scholars. Thank you!

David II (2013). 15″ BY 18″. Watercolor on paper. Thru His vessel JB. For a Single Purpose series.


Okay, I’m going to be straight with you, why is David pretty dark skinned in your portrayal of David II?

Excuse me? Is pretty dark skinned your way of saying that he’s pretty black? Yes, he was dark skinned and people back then did not  think of race like we do today. However, just think about, this guy is in the hot sun looking after sheep. Israel is a desert. I’ve been there. It’s so hot your scalp will burn with a full head of hair, so you definitely need some covering. But my opinion does not matter, I place the matter on facts. When I did the research for this project, I used wisdom and when I read the description in the Bible “Send and bring him. For we will not sit down[b] till he comes here.” 12 So he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one! (I Samuel 16:11-13). Ruddy means red in color, and when I think of red, I think of reddish complexions or the dirt red roads that you would see in the picture below.

Dirt red roads in Jamaica

So basing this information since we are made of dirt, and David was known to have a ruddy but clear complexion, that is why I made his complexion the colour as you see in the dirt road here. There are people all around the world with that type of complexion, but that is another subject all together.

How did you pace yourself in making this work since the story of David is rather vast?

I focused on the parts just after David was anointed the next King of Israel by Samuel the Prophet and then just before David defeated Goliath. I wanted the images to portray David’s timing and mainly how bold he was. Despite of having no training in war, David depended on God and that is all that you need in any crisis. Plus, since I wanted to show my work to all people, I did not want to show the part when David kills Goliath. That is something that can be left to the imagination, although I did think about it.

That is all for today. Tomorrow, we will go into the last piece of David in David III, executed in a large fashion. Remember this piece is for sale, only the original, prints and everything else, click here. A portion of the original sales will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship fund. Invest in art and invest in a student’s life. Continue to be blessed.

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB