For a Single Purpose: Daniel I (2013)

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Happy Friday to you! I hope all is well with you today especially since it is the start of the weekend. Unfortunately, you just missed my man of God, David over the last few days. But no worries, you can click here to see previous posts. Today’s featured art story of the day is Daniel, a man of prayer and visions, who God have used immensely as a man of single status. As you know all of the art stories posted here featured are for sale. And a portion of all sales goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund. The Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund is for first generation minority students entering college. If you would like to apply, please do so at Cassondra Lenoir’s website. If you are not eligible and you want to make a difference, you can do so through the Art making scholars page. When you invest in this work of art today, you are also investing in a life. Thank you.


Daniel I (2013). 19″ BY 25″. Colored pencils and oil pastels on paper. Thru His vessel JB. For a Single Purpose series.


                   Who is Daniel and why is he featured in the For a Single Purpose series?

Hello there, I’m glad you asked that question. Daniel was a Hebrew known in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament in the Bible. He was a young man who fervently prayed to the Lord, daily and as I far as I know, about three times daily. You can find it out for yourself here. Thus, as you can see, he consistently used his time as a single very wisely. Through my research, in the book of Daniel, it did not mention that he ever married, but as far as I know, he was not married when he was placed in the den of lions, so his single status counts.

How did you pace yourself with making Daniel since there are so many stories about him?

I focused on the Lion’s den scene and his consistency of praying to God three times daily. There are so many instances of how God delivered him out of trouble because he continued to walk blameless before God. Plus, the furnace scene was much too complicated, since there were three other men and the writing on the wall. Literally, the story of Daniel would have been an entire series. I did not have time for that at that time and I’m not so sure about the future. However, Daniel is my man in my book and I can learn a thing or two from him when it comes to consistency in prayer and developing a better relationship with God.

Making this piece involved constant wisdom since I wanted to tell the story of Daniel in three parts, it is hoped that message comes across throughout this part of the series. Today this piece can be yours and I congratulate you in adding this to your collection. For more information, you can click here. Thank you and stay blessed.

For the love of God and art!

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