Men in Authority: Higher than him, Nothing but up (2)  (2012)

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Welcome to the 5th art story of the day with the second version of the entitled Nothing but up! from the men in authority series. This work of art is for sale and upon purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be going to the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation, for first time generation college students. Click on the below image for more information on making this work of art yours today!

police on wood art

Nothing but up (2) (2012). Burnt etchings on wood. 22″ by 13″

As you  can see, the texture on the wood surface is a lot smoother as well as the burning process. I was getting the hang of it, as I worked from a study (a preliminary sketch of the art) onto the wood. The iron pencil was getting hot, and I had to constantly clean it off with a dry cloth, so I can instill deeper grooves into the work. However, it looks like I’ve drawn it with a pencil and does not look like I’ve burnt etchings to create this beautiful imagery.

   Why is this all one color?

Wood burning or burnt etchings is basically pressing a hot iron onto a pliable surface creating marks into its surface. When it is pressed lightly, you can create lighter gradations or when pressed in darkly, you would get darker pigments similar to using graphite. There is no colored wood burning tool unless you pressed into a surface hard enough to instill paint into its grooves; but for me, I did not want to ruin something that was already nice to look at. It would complicate the work and defuse the beauty of simple marks on wood.

Since then, I have not done any more burnt etching works so this makes this work of art, a very rare edition indeed. It was enjoyable but challenging, because once you make a mark, it is hard to erase since you created a permanent tattoo on wood unless I sanded the surface.

Well that’s all for now. Until next time, we will enclose the final version of Nothing but up in the next post.

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