Men in Authority:Higher than him, Night and Day (1) (2012)

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Welcome  to Art story of the day 7 , focusing on the acrylic piece ,Night and Day completed in August of 2012. All of the pieces posted in this blog will be contributed towards the Cassondra Lenoir scholarship foundation where first-generation college student will be able to get some tuition assistance for things such as  getting books or money to shop for dormitory supplies. For  further information here by clicking on this link and your purchase today can make a difference in a student’s life.

man in uniform

Night and Day 1, (2012). 18″ by 20″

In this piece,  Night and day, was the first one of the first phases in the Men in authority series.  Overall,  I enjoyed working on this piece.  This piece definitely helped me experiment and focusing  on the realism.  At that time and now, the photo realism movement  is still pretty much a trend. People painting things based on an actual photograph until looks like a photograph has made a name for artists. I’m not one of them,  I mean that’s a wonderful thing but realistically I didn’t have time for that .I wanted to portray something that was authentic and people can appreciate because it represents the military.

When I think of the military I think about a lot of things in regards to what the sacrifices that they’ve made for this country and the guts it takes for them to come back. Moreover so, that some serving in military understands that the sergeant, or even the commander in chief is not their sole authority. This piece brings the fact that there is a higher authority that proceeds their actions and are bold enough but vulnerable enough to say, the only authority I solely want to please is the Father in heaven, himself.

That is all for today! Please tune in tomorrow for the second phase of Night and Day.

For the love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB