Men in Authority: Higher than him, Night and Day (2) (2012)

Hello people !

Welcome to the eighth day of my art story.  In today’s post, we  will be talking about artwork entitled “Night and Day”  second version on which is basically burnt etchings on wood.  I had fun doing this and I’m looking forward for you purchasing this rare work of art and a portion of its proceeds goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir scholarship fund for first-time generation college students. For more information, please click here on how you can help make a difference and get a rare piece of art today!

Drawing of a marine

Night and Day (2) (2012). 13″ by 22″.


I recall this as my second piece in this wood burning phase. This is when I figured out the I was going against the grain I didn’t go with the grain . This is why my previous work “Greater than I” in its second phase was more like burnt rice grains making its mark on wood instead of a drawing. This  was definitely how I wanted to come out and I was pleased. The  guy with his marine  helmet on looks good,  warlike and is a person that you don’t want to mess with.

Why did you did you choose this medium?

I chose this medium due to building the men in authority series as a tripartite series which I used three different mediums in three different styles one to represent God the father Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit. Since this is the second phase or rather the Jesus the son phase I use wood, because Jesus’ family was known as a carpenter. A material that a carpenter would typically use back in those days is wood.

In addition, I wanted to do something different and as an artist, I have dappled in sculptural work, but it is not my background. I enjoyed using this medium and would most likely do more burnt etchings in the future.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB