Men in Authority:Higher than him, Night and Day (3) (2013)

Hello people!

Welcome to the ninth day of my art story from the men in authority series.  Today we will be talking about the last version of the Night and Day, which is old T-shirts converted into beautiful works of art . Each artwork posted in this blog, a portion of its proceeds goes towards the Cassondra Lenoir scholarship fund for  first-generation college students.  If you want more information click on this link here and make a difference in a student’s  life as well as get a rare piece of art .Thank you.

Night and Day (3) (2013)
29″ by 20″.

So this is the third version of Night and Day, stitched felt strips onto cloth. Overall,I created a simple image of a hand raised towards the heavens. The sleeve of the hand Is part of a camouflage green uniform representing the marine. The hand raised against a background of dark blue colors and light blue colors and that represents night and day night and day of this marine praising God.  For each day that he has to go Into  front lines and fight.  I understand that marines are heard to be one  of the toughest sects of the military , so showing he will do whatever it takes despite the challenges. The juxtaposition of his hand against the midnight and daylight sky pose shows that that this Marine is a no nonsense kind of person. He will not crack under pressure and gets the job done.

Would you do this type of work again?

No. Although, I enjoyed doing this project, I realize as well that it is not my greatest strength. This is why I recommended artists to experiment with different mediums in order to figure out their style. We can’t be everything to everyone, but once you figure what sort of medium you’re good with, roll with it and experiment with that medium . Once you know how to use it, it becomes fun.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB