Men in Authority: Higher than him, Hands up (2) (2012)

Hello people!

Welcome  to the 14th art story Sremming from the Men in Authority series. In today’s post, I will talk about the second phase of Hands up which is burnt etchings on wood. As always, every art story is for sale and a portion of its proceeds will go to the Cassondra Lenore scholarship foundation for first  generation college students. For more information please click on this link.

This piece was executed using an iron pen or wood burner. You can find it at any crafts store for at least $15.00. As I got more in control of this tool, you can see the details a lot more clearer. As a result,  I began to enjoy using it more and applying pressure to create different type of marks. As I continue to use it, it became duller and the only way I knew how to sharpen it was to clean off burnt residue on its tip. It’s like an iron, it needs to be cleaned so it can be “sharpened”.

  Would you use this tool in the near future?

It was fun, but no. It would be most likely used to mark items on hard surfaces, but not as a art tool. I like the use of color and for me it was challenge since it was mostly monochrome. However, it really made me think of how to think more creatively on how to use color, because it helped me to distinguish between several shades of brown to create a “sepia” feel on this work. Plus, I am not planning to go to the nearest Home Depot and get some wood panels just to draw on. Unless, I am led by the Holy Spirit to use something else and this was led by the Holy Spirit at that time.

Overall, “Hands up” was a piece that I enjoyed making. I didn’t disturb my landlord and I made some art for the day.

Next post we will look at the last phase of Hands up which is old t-shirts transformed into beautiful works of art.

For the love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JB