Men in Authority: Higher than him, Hands up 3 (2013).

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I hope all is well with everybody! Happy Friday to y’all. It’s been a busy week but I’m looking forward to telling you about the art story of the day. This is the 15th posted on this blog and all postings are for sale. A portion of its sales heads into the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation, where first time college students receive financial assistance for school. When you invest in this rare work of art, you are also investing in a student;s life. If you would like more information, please click here for details.

Showing someone who is higher than the police.

Hands up (3) (2013). 25″ by 32″. Felt strips stitched on cloth.


Throughout this week, I have shown Hands up in two different ways, as an acrylic painting and burnt etchings on wood panels. Today marks the last phase of this title, which is felt strips stitched on cloth. If you look closely, you can see that I completed this with hairbreadths of my imposed deadline on March 31, 2013. That was a busy Saturday, because when I finish something, you best believe that I get it done.

How did you get it done before the deadline?

This piece is actually the only title that includes more than one person on the same canvas. Again, when you creating a work of art through quilt work or sewing, it becomes challenging to present a flat image as three dimensional. Well, yes it is three dimensional, but I mean not using paint, it can deem difficult to do in a short amount of time.

I mainly got it done through utilizing large pieces of felt and stitched it on to create the arms and parts of the face. I also used different colors in creating separations from one person to another. And many hours of staying up and postponing going to the library or the Brooklyn Art Museum to get it done.

That’s marks the last phase of ” Hands up”. When you are interested in purchasing this piece, you can go to Art making scholars and click on “Making a difference”. ¬†From there, you can purchase and add a rare work of art to your collection and helping a student access his or her future. Thank you.

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