Men in Authority: Higher than him, Nothing but upĀ (1) (2012)

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Thank you again for visiting! Today’s post remarks the 4th piece stemming from the Men in authority series. In today’s discussion, we are panning back to the acrylic phase of the series with the work :Nothing but up (1) (2012).

Nothing but up works by Thru His vessel JB

Nothing but up (1)(2012). Acrylic on canvas. 10″ by 8″.

The above work is one of my fun works but challenging works to date through acrylic as a medium. This actually one of the smallest paintings I have completed on canvas. Many of my works on canvas have been at least 8 inches longer and bigger. However, using different colors to connote skin tone was my favorite strategy of this piece. As I have learnt in art school, skin is not one color, but many colors comprised into one. It has been exaggerated here in this work, but it is meant to convey emotion.

How did you decide to use this style?

I haven’t really decided, I just went with the flow of the Holy Spirit and that is to have fun when painting. I noticed when I am not having much joy or if I have not prayed over a painting, it becomes a chore. Now, that does not mean that I do not like painting, it just mean I didn’t make things flow. Now, I know it sounds strange to have structure and that I should follow precisely so it can become the way I want it. Sometimes, it does not happen that way, but as long I am pleased with the final result; it’s all good.

I do not remember what order this painting was in, but I believe I was getting in the groove of things. The sort of thing that happens when you impose a deadline, but you still want to keep on going. That was me. But that goes to show that I do not always allow my feelings to direct the way things should be. If that were the case, I would take a lot more time.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the second version of the entitled “Nothing but up” on tomorrow’s post.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB