Men in Authority: Greater than I (3) (2013)

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Welcome to the third post of the Men in Authority series. In today’s post, we will venture into the third version of Greater than I which was completed with old t-shirts and felt strips stitched on cloth to create a image.  Every art featured on the posts this month, will be for sale. A portion of the sales will go towards the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Foundation, for more information on how you can participate, please click here for more information.

Greater than I (3) (2013). Felt strips stitched on cloth.


     What are you doing with that T-shirt?

The third version or rather phase of the tri-medium Men in authority series is comprised of an old t-shirt, felt strips and paint. I used my old t-shirts, shirts that I did not want to throw away because I wanted to use it for art. I also asked around in order to fulfill my quota of 11 separate shirts to be used for this project. As you can see, this phase may be the last, but it was not easy. I started in January 2013 and completed it by March 31, 2013. I was so souped up on finishing it on my proposed deadline, that I even brought my art when I went to Costa Rica to visit my host family. However, even though Greater than I was in first for both of the previous phases, it was not for this one.

What made you think of that?

What inspired me to collect old t-shirts and making it into a work of art was based on scripture through the Holy Spirit, that old things are made new. The Holy Spirit is known as the third part of the Godhead and it inspired me to create beautiful art from everyday things. I also was inspired by Faith Ringgold , an artist who made beautiful works of art through quilting that told a story. Quilting is an unique art form and definitely deserves praise due to collective amounts of cloths, tapestry that told a story. Through this phase, I enjoyed the sewing on strips to compose an image, but it I did not have an imposed deadline, this phase alone would take a year, not three months.

Overall, I enjoyed doing this phase in the Men in Authority series, it may be something I would execute once again, but not so sure with my husband and kids and all. Perhaps it would be a collective project. Until then, we will commence with the next piece of the Men in authority series, Nothing but up I.

Thank you for reading.

For the love of God and Art