What is an artist’s style?                                                                                                                                     Developing your brand as an artist, part 2 of 2.

Hello people!

If you did not stop by last week, that’s cool. I’m going to recap on how to develop your style as an artist. There are three main things, first you must have decide what type of method to want to use to make art, is painting or sculpting? Next, you must decide on a theme or subject. Is it landscapes or figurative work. Finally, you must have a vision. A vision that simply means that you have an idea for this art and what do you see in art doing? Is it just for aesthetic beauty, comedy or a message communicating to the viewer. If it can do all three, bravo for you, but you want to make sure that no matter how it turns out, that you are content with its end result.


Believe or not, I do not have it all figured out. I’m still developing my brand, but one thing I know is that experimenting and working with different mediums helped me figure out what is a good fit. I’ve worked with the traditional mediums oils, inks, acrylics and oil pastels and out of these four, I like acrylics and oil pastels the best. I’ve also worked in non traditional mediums such as wood-burning, cloth and sewing and mosaic like collages. Out of those three, I love wood-burning and collages the best, but they are time consuming.

At this point, it just seem experimental, which it is, but how do you know what to work with if you don’t use it. Exactly! You should have fun and make art that you are passionate about. I’m passionate about helping people through the visual arts. My art is basically meant to inspire you whether through characters from the Bible or the small good things in everyday life.

I also realized through this process that I am a serial artist; I primarily complete artwork in sets, never individually, there is always a story. However, if a piece was set apart from the group, it can still stand alone on its own.


I’m going to continue to do art in sets and complete 500 pieces between 2012-2018. I’ve already completed 139 pieces of artwork. I plan to resume in January 2017 and complete 30 pieces until March 2017. Then 40 pieces from March to May. Just about every 2 months, I plan to take a break in the summer then resume in the fall. You pretty much get the picture. I’m not stopping until I hit the mark of 500 pieces, July 2018. Watch the clock, I may beat it!

Light Over Dark 3

See you next time!

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB