Hello people!

As many of you know, I’ve been doing art for quite some time and I feel that I’m ┬ástill honing on my craft. Which is important, because if you do not practice, you won’t be able to create a style. Yet, what does it mean to have a style as an artist? Is it similar to having a sense of style like in the fashion world? You can say that, if you have an avid eye for fashion you would see the difference between a Jimmy Choo pair of shoes and Gucci. We can both agree that they are both different luxury brand of shoes, but not everyone prefers Jimmy Choo and Gucci. Okay, not maybe everyone, because I do not own a pair at this point, so let’s talk another example.


There’s a store in NYC, an inexpensive store especially those in where minorities are the majority, there is an influx of Rainbow stores and of course Macy’s (not so much). Anyone can tell the difference between a piece of clothing brought from Macy’s and one brought from Rainbow’s.

The quality of the clothes is one thing, but also the style. Rainbow is very consistent in bringing in all the current trends, or maybe past, if you follow the current fashion trends, but Macy’s is consistent in classic pieces or clothing that would always be in style, thus creating its own brand. Of course, Rainbow is a brand of its own, but it’s mainly catering to trends, and what it would sell. If you want to build your style or your brand as an artist, do you want to be remembered for all of the different mediums you have utilized ┬ábecoming a varied but mediocre artist, or do you want to work consistently on the same type of medium, perfecting your strategy for years to come?


This is why it is important for you to decide on what you want to project or show for people to eventually see your artwork. I’m not saying you should pigeon hole yourself, you should experiment and see what works good for you. But what do you want to do? Do you want to paint? Draw? Sculpt? Jackson Pollock ? What type of subject you want to execute? What do you feel passionate about? What are some things you want to say but others are afraid to bring it up due to fear?

All of these things you should consider when it comes to branding yourself as an artist, you should be very clear in your vision and what you want to execute. Nothing wrong with switching it up, because yes there can be boredom, but developing and maintaining your brand is a lifetime effort and will not ever get boring because times always change. If your art style changed every time there is some sort of movement, people will not recognize you anymore, they will just see you as a trendy artist. Now, perhaps you can change the subject of the art, but your brand will always be seen, when people see your art. What is your brand? That brand is simply you and nothing can change that but yourself.

Next week, I will talk about my brand and how did I start developing my brand as an artist.

Talk to you later,

For the love of God and Art

S E E D S J1778 27 40 Thru His Vessel Jb 2016

S.E.E.D.S J1778 27.40 2016.

Thru His vessel JB