Hello people!

Happy, happy new year! I can’t believe 2017 is here! There is so much in store for this year as I plan to do several things, but overall coming in with a renewed mindset. I am so excited to showcase the story behind the pieces in this blog, mainly because I love to give into significant causes. This cause is through my colleague and sister in Christ, Cassondra Lenoir, who is author of the book “From Nothing to New York”. She has a scholarship fund called the Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship Fund and a significant portion of the sales from the art featured in this blog will go towards her foundation. If you are interested in finding more information about my sister, you can check her out at. www.cassondralenoir.com Today’s featured artwork comes from the Men in Authority series, my very first painting of the series…

Greater than I. (1) (2012). Acrylic on canvas. Men in Authority series.

The entitled above image “Greater than I” started officially and was completed in July 2012. After a talk with God about making artwork that ¬†glorified Him, I started with the concept of making serial artwork that told a story or had a certain theme In this theme, men in authority, whether they are the police, or military, they are not the final authority. This piece had two other counterparts with the same title but was executed with different mediums. The reason I used different mediums for these pieces was to depict the different forms of the Godhead or otherwise known as God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, All together, this series is a collection of 33 pieces in total and originals are still in for sale,If you would like to purchase this piece, please click here for further instructions. In addition, this piece was also the first time that I used exclusively acrylic in my works. When I was studying art in my undergrad, I’ve used primarily oils as a medium. However, upon using acrylic, I enjoy its versatility, but I cannot make many mistakes since the paint dries very quickly. Overall, it was a pleasure using this acrylic and I had fun doing it. The next post will be more about the other mediums used or the alternate versions of Greater than I. My journey for the love of God and Art Thru His vessel JB