Hello everyone,

     Yes, I hope all is well with you. I’m just focusing on the silent auction which is ending tomorrow on 3 of July. However, I thought there should be more time placed, so I am extending it until the 21 of July 2014. I really want to make it an interactive experience, so everyone can have the chance to bid on an item. You can comment on any of the pieces on the silent auction site even if you do not bid on any of the items. The auction site address has changed slightly, my initials are not at the end this time, www.32auctions.com/worshippaintings . 

   Meanwhile, I am planning to set up a commentary so anyone who visits this blog would be able to comment on which piece impacts them the most. Your comments are truly valuable to me, because my main focus is to glorify God in my works and that it is a blessing to you. I am also currently working on my 3rd project, in the first phase and should complete all 11 pieces of that phase by July 18th.

     Other than that, I hope all of you enjoy your day. The weatherman says it is going to be a scorcher in New York City, which is fine with me. I like the hot weather. The sunshine is just a reminder of how big God is.

Love you all,

Thanks for reading.

Thru His vessel JB