To God be the glory!

To God be the glory!

Hi people,

    Yes, now that the art show is over, I am starting another project again tomorrow on June 1st. However, it will not be a continuation of what I was doing previously in February 2014. That project was based in being outside for x-amount of hours and I tend to be involved heavily to the point of exhaustion. The Lord told me to rest and focus on the show, so you can say that I had a sort of extended art break. Either way, that project is still a good idea, but it will be revamped for the future.  For tomorrow, the starting of my new project, I am really looking forward to the result because it is going involve individuals, yes you fearfully and wonderfully made people. I was reading the book of John, a couple of weeks and the Lord brought it to me in my spirit that that is the project that I am going to do. Thus, I am verrrrrrrrrry excited about its completion, even though I did  not started yet.

   In the meantime, I am also doing other art related things that does not involve the project, but I hope to complete a majority of it today. Yes, there is a lot of planning and execution that should be done.  Like promoting the auction, as I mentioned in my previous post the auction is now in session and will end on July 3, 2014. I have already in the process of getting all of the artwork in the auction framed, so they will be ready upon purchase. All of the proceeds will go to my church’s convention which will help people in general see the goodness of God through His Word and fellowship. Through Christ, I am making it happen!

   Other than that, I thank you all for reading and now until the day I pass from this earth, I sincerely hope that all you read and see my art that it is truly from God and not from me. I’m just a paintbrush that God the TRUE ARTIST decides to use from time to time. Obviously that time is frequent. Love you all!

In the service of the King

Thru His vessel JB