Hello beautiful people

Good morning to you,  afternoon and evening . We have come a long  way . Today is the last segment of  the beginning of the end series, part 4. I’m gonna discuss tying loose ends.  It is a necessary step in order to go to the next level.  I had to tie a loose ends at this job to make sure that I do not bring any baggage towards this new chapter of my life and that start anew.

Putting things in order

Nothing can’t come if there is nothing in order or rather nothing is prepared. In order to go the next phase, make sure that you have achieved all the goals before you actually leave the position.  What I’ve done so far is getting  equipment , contracts in place and contacts. I also want to be in good standing with my old  coworkers I want to keep in contact with, especially if you are sure you want them to come with you on your next venture. However, it is duly noted that you can’t bring everybody with you. Not keeping people in the loop is okay to do, especially when you are in the process. You can tell them about your destination when it is completed.

Take a break

You got to take a break in between jobs. It is absolutely essential. In this time period, you should get rid of any old behaviors or rather refine the behaviors you have developed in order to transition well into the new position . Like right now, I have developed in my job is that I can get easily distracted, even though I get things done. For this next job, time is essential and can’t afford to be frequently distracted. Thus, during this break, I will instill some time management techniques that will help me to become effective.

Also, it’s also important other than assessing habits, you need to rest. Use your vacation money not just for bills, treat yourself to a spa day or something you have not yet to indulge since you were so busy working. You deserve it!

Last minute checks along with a sense of peace

After the checks have been said and done, you did all you could, should have a sense of peace. This sense of peace is knowing that God is with you every step of the way.  God is the overall factor,  he is the main person to help you go through this, especially in new venture a new place. I mean He knows your tomorrow from today. It’s so important that we consult God in the process. I have been really honest with God at this whole time,  my faith has grown so much and it’s because I trusted Him in this process.

Thru His vessel JB at her day job in social services.

That’s it!

Okay that is it I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of the end series. It is simple but not an easy process. Especially you have no idea how it’s going to work out! But rest in God and be assured everything is falling into place. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the year. It’s  just a few days and I hope you make it the best.  Enjoy! Love you all thank you so much for reading and God bless you happy 2018!

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB