Hello beautiful people!


Welcome to today’s part 2 of the beginning of the end, quitting my job. This segment is based on Setting a vision.  Setting a vision is very important, because a lot of times when you don’t set a vision you’re going around aimlessly. You can say what you would like to do, but you got to first write that vision down. After that, pray and talk to God about this, (yes it is your life, but He made it, so it does not hurt to ask Your creator for input). and from there follow through. A lot of times setting your vision, the process itself will NOT look like as you thought. For your vision, you should set a date as well. Once I set my vision and spoke with God,, I set my date for  December 29, 2017.  I set this date over a year ago.


When you set the date, your wish transforms into a goal. Your vision becomes real, because now there is a time limit for it. I set my date of my vision of quitting my job, a year in advance. I was not sure what I was doing to do after that placed the date, but I knew I wanted to take advantage of the employee benefits that I had. That included my trip to Europe, taking a few days off for my friend’s wedding and seeing all of the doctors I can before my insurance goes kaput. I also started to go on job interviews towards the middle of the year, in my field, but in my spirit I knew I was not just going from one job to another. The next job was a part of my purpose. I was starting to put things in order.


Around August 2017, I saw that December 2017 was pretty close by and began to go on job interviews. This time, I knew it was the job that I knew that would align with my purpose. This job will help me attain the skills needed in order to run a business smoothly. It is a transitional job, so I am not entirely quitting my job but it is still a challenge neverless. At this point, I was also utilizing the time to go to events, be a vendor, so i can be more widely known. I started to use more social media, particularly Instagram as it is a great platform for artists to use. Once I did all of these things, I left my concerns to God. I have to say it was not easy, but I cannot control the process the way I want. So I leave it to God, because the end result, I will have the assignment necessary as a part of my purpose.


Until next week, we shall talk once again.

For the love of God and art!


Thru His vessel JB