Hi people!

Today is my second day of my Bible art challenge, which brings us the letter B.The following piece presents one of the people behind the scenes. He helped King David fight many wars and was one of his thirty great men.


B is for Benaiah (Found in 2 Samuel 23:20-23)

Benaiah was a warrior that displayed boldness and perseverance throughout the many fights that came against Israel. His heroic deeds included capturing and killing two champions of Moab, who were Israel’s enemies at that time. He also chased a lion into a pit and killed it. Overall, Benaiah appeared to have such a valiant heart and risk his life for Israel. His heart also shows he was eager to please God because he followed the commander in chief, King David beyond obedience.


I chose Benaiah because not many people other than those of Hebrew heritage know anything about him. He may have played a minor role of who we know in the Bible, but is part of the team who made David the commander in chief we know.

Thank you for seeing this and it is my hope that it benefits you.

Giving glory to God through the visual arts

Thru His vessel JB