Hi everyone!

I have been quite the busy bee and working together with God making things happen. I am involved in a couple of art projects and both are due by the end of this month, which is not very far. I was also enrolled in an art business class but I had to drop out, it was too much for me.

I just dropped my first June 2015 letter, it’s not too late to subscribe. If you are interested, please click on the newsletter subscription tab and fill out the blanks. ┬áThere are things in the newsletter that I won’t mention in the blog until after the fact, so if you want to know the scoop, subscribe! In the next month I will be bringing back my trek countdown and also one question, I would like to ask a few of my followers privately. If I already do not have your email, I will ask when that time comes.

Thank you!

For the love of God and Art!


Thru His vessel JB