For a Single Purpose (2013)

S.E.E.D.S J1178 (2016)

Men in Authority 2012

Worship Paintings 2009-2011

Rahab III. (2013). 28″ by 44″. Collage on plyboard. Thru His vessel JB. Series 2: For a Single Purpose. Copyright 2013. Any usage of image is prohibited without Artist’s permission.


To God be the glory as I present this work. All of the people seen here are all accounted for in Biblical scripture.
All of the people were of single status at the time, when God fulfilled their purposes. Men and women; widowed, never marries , young and old shows that God has no partiality of persons as long in the end He is glorified. At the same time, it is shown that spending with God allows a person to grow in their purpose.

Like in the Men of Authority series, each character shown here is made in a three part fashion, with the following mediums: Colored pencils/pastels; watercolour and collage. These features represent the features of the Godhead: Jehovah the father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Entire work took six months to complete from June 2013-December 2013 and derived from Biblical characters in the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, I Samuel, I Kings and Matthew.

16″ by 12″. Acrylic on canvas. Thru His vessel JB. Series 1: Higher than him: Men in Authority. Copyright 2012. Any usage of this image is strictly prohibited without artist’s permission.


First of all, to God be the glory for He made this preceding work possible. He is the primary Artist and I am just the tool He uses. I have been given this idea to glorify Him through this current work. This theme of work entails various men of authority in the military and the police. Men in such positions are usually seen as stoic and strong, without any emotion. Yet, this piece shows just the opposite, these men acknowledge that there is a higher authority over all, thus the raised hands.
Through God, I have used different mediums/materials to depict this work in 3 different ways which represent the qualities of the Godhead; Jehovah the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit. There are 33 pieces in all that are divided into 3 segments, 11 for each segment. For each segment, different mediums are used; particularly for this work: Acrylics, Wood burning and Sewing that presents characteristics of the Godhead. These characteristics can be described as qualities of God, such as how God intervenes in human lives, a piece of His personality or what is found in scripture. The main influence for this piece is found in I Timothy 2:8.
Above statement refers to current series: Higher than him-Men in Authority. All pieces were completed with the time frame: July 2012-March 2013.