Hi people!

I hope everything is well with everyone. Today for the first time since I started this blog, I missed church so I can finish my project. I hate missing church because The word is really alive and I have been growing spiritually through all these years. I don’t have a guilty conscience because this project is a promise to God and I’m not breaking any promises that I make to God. So that He can be glorified .

Other than that, last night at the Splash Health store was a success! People came from within the neighborhood and give testimonials of Rejuvenetics and a chance to showcase one of Brooklyn’s entrepreneurs ( I was one of them). I presented my portraiture business as well as the main thing; my worship art. I enjoyed speaking with the few people that came there and one of them offered me a ride home. He gave me a word of encouragement from a nice fellow who do not look his age and I know it was from God to basically tell me keep doing what I’m doing .

It was definitely a wonderful time and the Splash health store in Flatbush, Brooklyn is one of the few stores that promotes health and community awareness. I am of West Indian background, so it is so important to see stores like this in our communities . I want to give out a shout out to my girl Adrienne, one of the local entrepreneurs who makes delicious cakes with low sugar and natural sugars using Caribbean fruit and at the most seven ingredients per cake.  I’m thinking of having her catering dessert at my next art show which would showcase the pieces I am currently making. Please do her a small favor and check out her website at www.simplyheavencakes.com . They are delicious!

Other than I want to give a shout out to Mark for leading the event and his crew Norman, Charles and the universoul circus photographer ..;) Harley who is an inspiring artist working the night shift making smoothies and all of the Splash health store crew! I know live way out of the way but doesn’t mean I can’t stop by when I want a Green giant smoothie!

Again thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to hearing from you .

In service of the King

signature pose

Thru His vessel JB