I would like to purchase an original work of art. How do I go about doing it?

Well, you came to the right place. First, you should check out the gallery to see what work fits your fancy or speaks to you.When you see an original work of art, just click on the image and it will send you to the store. If you see a piece you like and you see the word SOLD in the caption, there may be a print available. For prints on the ready, click on the Artpal icon on top of page and you shall be able to purchase a variety of prints for various sizes.


What is an art testimony?

   An art testimony is a work of art made by the power of your words. Your very own words influence the artist to paint on a canvas in a live painting session. The host or the speaker speaks in front of close family and friends, or the whole neighborhood if you like. It’s very emotional experience for the host and spectators alike as well as the artist. Get ready to bring some tissues for your guests if you decide to book an art testimony party.

Is the art testimony a portrait of me?

     No, but not entirely. It’s a portrait of your experience. What things have you accomplished? The challenges you faced to get there and how God helped you.  Depending on the artist, that may include an actual portrait, but don’t count on it. If you want a portrait or a commissioned piece, contact info@artdify.com and be prepared because it would be a pretty penny. Even with that, it would be a long shot at this time.

What’s included in an art testimony party?

     The artist and his or her art supplies, everything else the host or the one who does the accompanying testimonial is responsible for: tables, chairs and light refreshments. The current catalogue will also be given to the host of the party in advance for any art work prints that he or she would like to purchase. All prints are 8″ by 10″ and 11″ by 14″ based on your liking.

How do a book a party?

    You call 718-612-9860 and leave a message or email info@artdify.com with Book a booming party! In the subject line. Parties are scheduled generally on the weekends, as a first come, first served basis. You can host parties in the venue of your choice, whether at your church, school or home. Our greatest pleasure is that you and your guests are satisfied with the experience that will be memorable with the painting completed as a reminder.

How much does an art testimony party cost?

    There is no initial cost for a live art testimony painting session, however, you must have a minimum of 7-10 guests in order to qualify for a session. While we cannot control any unforeseen circumstances  such as inclement weather, the session would be automatically cancelled at no cost to you. However, if an artist shows up and there is less than 7 guests from the registration, there would be an automatic charge of $40 in order to conduct the session.

Can I be a featuring ArtDify artist?

     Sure! ArtDify is always looking for artists, just send about 3-5 images of your work, an artist statement and also a small statement of the ways you have improved as a visual artist and how your relationship with God influence your work. Place ‘ ArtDify artist’ in the subject line to info@artdify.com . If you are approved, you will be featured on the blog as the artist of the month.

How can purchase artwork other than what is seen on Zazzle and Artpal?

All Thru His vessel JB’s artwork is currently featured on this site. Fine art prints can be purchased through artpal and includes Thru His vessel JB’s latest work. Prints that are sold through art testimony sessions are only based on sizes 8″ by 10″ or 11″ by 14″ and are $20 and $30 accordingly . Artpal will include all sizes varying from 8″ by 10″ to approximately 16″ by 20″. Only for original artwork made in 2016 and onward, the prices start at a minimum of $300. For older works, contact thruhisjb@artdify.com for pricing information.